Deep Dive,

007 : Overcoming fear with Kristian Stephan-Martin

Matt Romania chats with Kristian Stephan-Martin about overcoming fear in business.

Show Notes

About Kristian Stephan-Martin

Kristian is a confidence coach and helps people live a life of ease and unavoidable success. He helps his clients become confident in their skin and out of their comfort zone (or comfort ‘cage’ as he calls it) by helping them to shed the expectations of others and erase their fears.

Kristian specialises in equipping people with their own unique magnetism and raw-thenticity, helping them to shine with confidence. These intangible attributes lead to tangible results like creating more clients, gaining speaking opportunities, and making more money.

If you’re ready to take your layers of limitation off, move away from stress and struggle and show up in the world like you never have before, Kristian will help you get there. Kristian provides 1-1 coaching, retreats, and public presentations.


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