Podcasting to leverage ‘on demand’ content culture (and 5 podcasting tips)


A Salesforce analysis of high performing marketing teams found that 85% of highly performing teams are using podcasting to their advantage. Part of the podcast’s appeal is it’s ‘on demand’ nature.

In a world of Netflix and Uber, it is necessary to consider podcasting as part of a communication and marketing strategy. The benefit of podcasting for business owners is two-fold. Society now wants their movies on demand. They want their car ride on demand. They want their news on demand. Business owners can leverage this culture of ‘on demand’ to our advantage!

We’ve had a great response from our audience of business owners and creatives, they love the on-demand inspiration and education they get from our show. And our guests – also business owners – find their podcast episode to be an effective marketing tool.

With the high number of people wanting to get started with podcasting, below are five tips from what we learned when starting The Razor Sharp Show.

1) Schedule everything. It all needs to be automated so you need to create a podcast plan to assist with time management and schedule everything well in advance – guest research time, interviews, episode go live days and promotion.

2) Use templates to speed up your schedule. Create as many frameworks as you can with your first guest so you can use them for future guests – this way you’re not starting from scratch every time. This could include your show structure, guest emails and marketing content.

3) Audience. Want listeners? To grow the show, ask EVERYONE in in your contact list to get involved in the early stages. You need to ask them to listen, for feedback and if they would like to join your new community (i.e. they subscribe to you on iTunes). Not everyone will be interested but they may know someone who is. You may even end up with a podcast co-host as a result!

4) Continually improve. From audio quality to promoting episodes on facebook, everything can be improved over time. Always ask… Is there a better way? And schedule a time once per month to test and try new methods, tools to techniques.

5) Have Fun! Enjoy what you are doing and make sure you have fun doing the podcast, while the podcast might be audio the energy can be captured from the tone of your voice.

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“Podcasting has helped to grow awareness of and develop both my personal and my company’s brand.  It has provided an opportunity to connect with and build relationships with influential thought leaders and members of the innovation and technology ecosystem both in Australia and abroad, opening the door to new business opportunities.”

– Steve Glaveski from Future², the number 2 ranking podcast on the business charts

“Podcasting has added another layer of engagement with our existing audience, where previously we would attract a big audience of readers, we now attract listeners as well. This is new channel of attracting opportunities for both our core business, and for myself personally. Listening to Podcasts is my way of tapping into the conversation had by people I admire all over the globe. Which has added immense value to my walk to and from work!” 

– Logan Merrick from popular start up focused podcast Buzinga

“Every person out there has amazing stories inside them. Podcasts are a low barrier way to share those stories with anyone in the world. Truth is stranger than fiction and as I listen to an increasingly long list of podcasts I understand how unified we are in the human condition. And how incredible things can happen to anyone. I am constantly amazed and moved by what I hear.” 

– Megan Davis, Lead Storyteller of storytelling consultancy Spendlove and Lamb

“Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the best ways to communicate with your audience, with a large percentage of the Australian population tuning into listen regularly. If you have the type of business that lends itself well to podcasting you should seriously consider starting one.”

 – Shane Scholefield, Director of Factory Buys

“I’ve always been a big supporter of self learning, and listening to podcasts is one of my core components to achieve this. Starting a podcast to speak directly to your audience can be a great marketing channel.”

– Ian Stewart, Owner of Solid Start Property Inspections

“Podcasting can be a valuable and intimate way to build an epic audience. Don’t underestimate it!”

– Paul Stam, Founder of event space SoHigh Gallery


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