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5 Small Business Pitfalls to Consider

According to the latest ABS figures [1] there were over 2,066,806 small businesses in Australia in 2016. More than 60% of these businesses are expected to close within the next 5 years. However, the overall number of small businesses will continue to increase as new businesses continue to open. So, why is it that the […]

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When is ‘Big Enough’?

We are all part of a number of communities – voluntarily or by default – but not all communities are created equal.  So it begs the question, I propose that size matters. I know there will be exceptions to that rule, but overall Too small and it’s kinda like a birthday party on Christmas Day […]

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The best tools for low risk innovation

LEGO has earned the right to celebrate. Not only are kids playing with more mini LEGO people than there are human beings on the planet [3] but in 2015, they were nominated by Forbes as the most powerful brand in the world [2]. For a company which was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2004, […]

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The Explainer Video Explained or How a Pooing Unicorn Took Over the Internet

Only in 2015 can youtube teach us that it’s perfectly fine to eat from a cute little unicorn’s butthole. Don’t you just love this generation? :} – Jonathan Jones , YouTube User comment Last year the Internet was dominated by an explainer video featuring a baby unicorn pooping rainbows on a assembly line of ice cream cones. Can’t […]

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How To Re-engage Your “Zombie” Subscribers

It’s the worst feeling… You send out your email. You feel proud of what you’ve written or what you’re about to offer. And then you watch the open rates. *SLAP* It feels like you’ve been slapped in the face. What happened to all of those people in your list? Why are they not opening your […]

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4 Things to Consider Before Signing with an SEO Company

So you’ve taken the plunge and are officially the Director of a start-up. You’ve registered the business and purchased a domain. Suddenly you’re inundated with emails and calls from SEO ‘experts’, ‘companies’ and ‘agencies’. It’s so instant that you may think that they’re psychic but they’re not. There are bots that scan the domain registers […]

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